Home Screen Splash Sizes

When adding a PWA app to the home screen, when starting the app from that icon, the subsequent splash screen, which is specified in manifest is being shown.

The default manifest has three settings: 72, 192, and 512 pixels square. I was sure I saw somewhere on this discussion board that additional sizes could be given. Also, this seems odd as I not aware of a device that has a square screen.

I assume I can change the default 72 from icon to an actual file, so the favicon and home screen icon can be different from the pwa splash.

In Project Properties, in the PWA section, there is a properly called manifest. You can put custom icon sizes in there.

Any limitations and/or suggested sizes? And how is a particular icon size decided upon when displaying?

You’ll have to check the relevant docs for various browsers. I’m not aware of a standard for this.