How can I add Themeroller

Hi All,Been some years away from App Studio ans noticed some things are different with v8.5.8.2 (came from 4 or 5 I think)

I want to add a themeroller.
I followed the constructions from here: ThemeRoller - NSB App Studio

The steps that I did:

  • Use ThemeRoller for jQuery Mobile to create your theme. It has good docs: no need to repeat them here.

  • When you’re done, use the Download theme zip file button to get the theme files. In this sample, call the file GlobalAndD, since it has both global theme settings and a new ‘d’ theme.

  • Unzip them. Move themes\GlobalAndD.css to your project folder.

  • Drag GlobalAndD.css from your project folder onto the Project Explorer.

  • Move the images folder to your project folder.

  • Add the following line to ‘manifest’ in Project Properties.
    I don’t see manifest.
    I typed images in the project properties code screen but I don’t see the new theme.
    I also read that it is for jQuery Mobile but that is obsolete.

How can I get this working?

You’re right: jQuery Mobile is obsolete. It was abandoned by its developers years ago and has not been updated since 2015.

It still works, but it has not kept up with current design practices. It also requires a version of jQuery which has security vulnerabilities.

For new projects, we recommend BootStrap 4. We have a Framework Converter which will convert jQuery Mobile to Bootstrap 4 (with some changes still needed).

Thanks George,
I have found this link in App Studio:
Would it be possible to use the bootstrap.css what I have downloaded from that site to include in the project?
I tried to put the .css file in the main project folder but I don’t know how to point to that .css file.
I also tried to paste the css file into the projectCSS under the Project Properties window.

My goal is to use a .css file that I can include into the project.

With kind regards,


Either one of those strategies should work.

You should be able to use the Chrome Debugger to see the css when the app is running. If you have uploaded it to a website, send me the link. I can have a look too.