"How can I make this code better?"

I loaded the JavaScript SQLSample1, and asked how I could make the code better.


Here are a few improvements you can make to the code:

  1. Use strict mode: Add the “use strict” directive at the beginning of your script to enforce stricter rules and improve code quality.
"use strict";
  1. Use descriptive variable names: Instead of using single-letter variable names like “DB”, “total”, etc., use more descriptive names that convey the purpose of the variable.
  2. Use const or let instead of var: Instead of using the var keyword to declare variables, use const or let, which provide block-scoping and help avoid accidental reassignments.
  3. Validate the existence of elements: Before attaching event handlers or performing operations on elements, validate their existence to avoid errors.
if (!btnCreate) {
  console.error("Button not found: btnCreate");
  1. Extract common functionality into separate functions: Instead of duplicating code, extract common functionality into separate functions to improve code maintainability and readability.
  2. Use arrow functions: Instead of using traditional function syntax, consider using arrow functions, which provide a more concise syntax.
btnCreate.onclick = () => {
  total = 0;
  1. Use template literals: Instead of concatenating strings with the + operator, use template literals to improve readability.
txtMessage.value = `Total of ${DBRecords.rows.length} recs is ${total} in ${SysInfo(10) - startTime} milliseconds.`;
  1. Properly handle errors: Add error handling logic to handle any potential errors that may occur during database operations or other parts of your code.

These are just a few suggestions to improve the code. You can further enhance the code by applying best practices and design patterns specific to your use case.