How does one code a 'contact us'?

I am trying to add a ‘contact us’ button that brings up a link to my email address.
How would I do that using Basic?

The ‘SendMail’ sample project.

'load some initial values in
txtSubject.value="NSB/AppStudio eval"
txtBody.value="Wow, this is a great product. It's got amazing potential. I look forward to using it!"

'Send button clicked on
Function butSend_onclick()
End Function

'This function constructs an HTML object which calls the Mail app
'The encodeURI function fixes the text so it is browser friendly.
Function email(t, subject, body)
  location="mailto:" & encodeURI(t) & "?subject=" & encodeURI(subject) & "&body=" + encodeURI(body)
End Function