How to check if account is (not) confirmed

Hello again!

When a user creates a new account, (s)he may receive an email with a link to confirm their email address and, eventually, activate the new account.

Is there a possibility to (programmatically) find out whether an account has already been created but not yet confirmed? Could it happen, that the same account may be created again (more precise: the same email address use with the same or a different password)?

I’m currently thinking about where to place a link or button which allows a user to re-request their confirmation email:

  • when trying to login (next to “forgot your password?”)
  • when trying to create an account (next to “already have an account?”)

What would you recommend?

Thanks in advance for your effort!

Kind regards,

Andreas Rozek

Yes, you can use $volt.user.get:$volt.user.html - check the response object documented here: - in particular, notice the confirmed attribute under Response 200.

No - this is impossible.

You might consider placing it on a page displayed after account creation, prompting the user to resend a confirmation if they haven’t received it.

Great, thank you very much!