How to convert old NSBasic .prj projects to AppStudio

I have a number of old NSB projects from 2005 -> 2011 and want to convert them to AppStudio to clean them up and finish some that were put on the back burner.

Is that possible or will I have to re-create them from scratch? I don’t mind having to significantly modify the code but I’d like to just get the buttons, screens and whatnot and the code moved over and then I can adjust each one to make it compile.

As always, make sure you have a backup.

On the File menu, there is an option “Open Older Project”. Use it to navigate to your .proj file and open your project.

Then, save the project in a new, clean folder.

In most cases, you’ll be fine. If your project is very old, you might want to use the Framework Convert to update it.

I tried that but it seems to get an error message. To be clear, I’m trying to convert a program I created using NSBasic Palm Version 6.0.2 (I think the latest version available before it switched to AppStudio)

The Open Older option is still looking for .project and not ,prj and the Framework Converter give me this:


Uncaught Error: : ENOENT: no such file or directory, open.
line 67 column 7


It looks like to me it is not actually looking at my .prj projects.

I assumed you meant an old AppStudio project.

No, AppStudio can’t import NS BASIC/Palm projects. Here’s an article about other versions of BASIC:

You’ll need to redo all your screens and forms, but you may be able to save a good chunk of the code.