How to deploy apps to my own server

I already have AppStudio 5 but now i can’t deploy my app to Appstudio server
because the server for that version of AppStudio has been retired
how can i deploy it to my own server (the easiest way)
Thank you

See this:

The hardest part is configuring the server properly. How this is done depends on the server: you’ll need to get specific instructions for the type of server you have,

For people who do not want to manage their own servers, we have Volt. You’ll need a newer version of AppStudio to use it.

if i want to deploy to dropbox how can i get the path?

I don’t think Dropbox allows this anymore. You’ll need to check Dropbox’s documentation.

I deploy to my own IIS server and its quite easy. (Version 6, haven’t tried version 7 yet)

From NSStudio just deploy to a local folder - then copy that folder to the server. All the files you need will be created there by NSStudio.

In IIS you then just nominate that folder as a website and it is available on the web. You then point your mobile or web browser to that website and it works. I imagine any other web server would be much the same.

For example, if you have a website and you have your app in \myapp and you do the above the url becomes or you can use the ip address instead of the

I usually create a sub-domain also - e.g.

Regards Mark