How to deploy to a subdomain?


Server: … failed (which path?)

deploy to local folder and FTP to subdomain works, but the QR-Code has to be generated separately.
So is there a direct way within AppStudio?

Use the Deploy screen in Preferences:

You need to set the path in ‘Path’. That should work, if the server is configured correctly.

the answer is (in my case, as told by the ISP) set the path to /webspace/httpdocs/sub.domainx.yz/
this part from the docs was confusing me: “Path: The directory to install to on the server. This can be blank. If the directory does not exist, it is created.”

It would be nice if we had the option to deploy directly to the root, not to the folder “Project”. George?

My 2 cents… I use a server in a data center. That server runs windows and I use Abyss as my web server program. I have a number of different appStudio programs on the server under one root name. So, each appStudio program has to be put in it’s own sub-directory. To access a appStudio program on my server the following url is used:

I configure my ftp server ( to point to C:\xxx\htdocs. I then upload my appStudio doc files to ftp directory (which is in C:\xxx\htdocs…). I do this by configuring the appStudio Tools/Preferences.

I upload my project to a directory call backup-xxx. The actual web program is in a sub-directory in this directory named xxx.

1 appdirectory

This way, I can go thru all the motions, upload the file and then when I’m absolutely sure the new program is ready to go, I copy it to the root directory (htdocs) and over write the existing program. So in this case, the url to access my appStudio program is:

This is what I give my customers…

To manage my server, I use software. It’s similar to windows remote desktop. Tviewer makes managing the server soooo easy. I used to use a Linux ubuntu server and the command line interface is just too much work for me. I find a gui makes it soooo easy.