How to display a container in multiple forms


The instructions were: “Put the buttons into a Container. Use Form2.appendChild(conButtons) to add the Container to whatever form is showing.”

  1. Using a dummy container, I tried the code: Form2.append_Child(CoIcons) in Form2 (Note the added ‘underline’ after “append”) and got an error message stating that it’s not a function.???
    (Note that the container (CoIcons) was in Form1)

  2. Where does the code for processing the buttons go?


  1. Why did you add the underline after append? The name of the function really is appendChild:

  1. It doesn’t matter where you put the code - the namespace for code is global. I would put it in whatever form you created CoIcons in.


I added the underline because when you start coding the function, the example has an underline.


Did I do that? In any case, appendChild() is correct.