How to fill a PhotoGallery on the fly with REST response?

Hi guys.
I’ve to fill a jqx PhotoGallery control after having retrieved data with a REST query (implemented in a .NET service hosted by another server). However, I can’t figure out how 2 do it, since code on sample have just fixed images. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been able to write (pls note it’s NOT working: url(1.png)). Looking forward to find any clue to drive me to the right direction. TIA

NB the id of the PhootoGallery control is “lstGrupIniz”, idAz and SvrName are set in common code

Function Form1_onshow()
    URL="http://" + SvrName + "/RestSvc4Gallery/Services/iLeggiDati.svc/rdgriniz/"
    GetJSON(URL, pars, RcvGruppi)
End Function

Function RcvGruppi(datiGruppo)
      For i = 0 To datiGruppo.length-1
            $("#lstGrupIniz>.jqx-scrollview-inner-wrapper").append("<div><div class=""lstGrupIniz_photostyle"" style=""background-Image: url(1.png);""></div></div>")
End Function