How to force embedded controls in Collapsible to be Left Justified

I’m using a jQueryMobile control, Collapsible, for the TOC of a book-like app. I want to put two Button controls On each line of the expanded Collpasible… the first button will be very narrow, only about 5 pixels wide (I’m using it as a off/on flag) and second one on the line will be the name of a ‘page’… when clicked, it will jump to that page/Form.

The issue is that I can’t seem to find a property or HTML code that will left justify each ‘narrow’ button on the NEXT line. I’ve tried variations of align left, but have not been able to find a variation that works in the ‘narrow’ button.

The workaround, which is wee-bit klugy, is to add a bunch of &#160 (unprintable blank space) to the content of the SECOND button so that it extends out far enough to the right to force the next ‘narrow’ button to the next line.

Test code follows: (Note, up to date on AppStudio, running on Chrome Windows, iPad Mini and Android LG Venture.)

TestCollapsible.nsx (18.5 KB)

Try putting the buttons into a Container, and make that left justified. (Put the Container in the Collapsible)