How to get a list of registered users

I’m just reading through the VoltCloud REST API, but cannot find a possibility for an Application Owner to get a list of all currently registered users of this application.

How do I retrieve such a list using REST?

There are parts of the API that the dashboard uses that aren’t currently documented. I can give you the details, but I want to urge you to be careful because you’ll need to use your authentication which means anyone who gets it will have full access to your account.

You’ll want to send a GET request to the following endpoint: /v1/app/{appid}/users - replace {appid} with your app’s ID. The request will fail unless you’ve previously authenticated and been granted a bearer token, which needs to be included as an Authoritzation header.

Let me know if you have any trouble.

Thank you very much for your response!

And, yes, of course, that request will only be used within a private application which allows to list and manage any customers!