How to make a settings form

I am trying to have a ‘settings’ or ‘set up’ form that the user enters their data into and then the information is saved and can be edited later.
Are there any samples of this out there that someone could share?
Or just some ideas of how that can be done. Particularly if there is an industry standard that should be followed.

My advice is download a few free app from playstore and see for yourself how it is done.some app don’t have preference form.i don’t think there is any standard preference form to follow,it is creativity that counts.if it works,that it is one of your standard.i myself only knows local is well documented and i dont think it requires any clarification .others use sql(cant remember which sql).some uses file plugin to save file to local or external sd card.i know you just need to have a tap on your soulder.appstudio and may be even google search- is all you can do it…best rdgs,tst