How to physically print Code from a form?

This seems like a simple question but i can’t find an answer within NSB AppStudio documentation. How do i physically print the code of a form or main routine to my printer so i can have it in front of me for review? Cutting and pasting into Word or some other word processor doesn’t work well.

There isn’t any built in print function. You’ll need to copy the code to your favourite word processor, set the fontsize and page layout to your preference and print it from there.

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  1. Formatting doesn’t carry over
  2. Keyword highlighting lost
  3. colors lost (comments, keywords etc…)

I’m really surprised that a print function doesn’t exist.
I am not ready for paperless!!

Pick a nice JS editor for your platform. Maybe NotePad ++ with the JSON plugin. Be sure to beautify your code in AppStudio first. Save it. Then open the code.js file in NotePad++ and print from your editor. I haven’t tried NotePad++ on a color printer, but I get gray colors in B&W, which annoy me, so I use regular notepad to avoid the formatting.