How to position a container


I need to make a container position in a certain position, in my case I need to make the left position of the container work, I tried to put it in the left attribute, but it hasn’t changed,
in fact I need to centralize this container, and for this I use the formula "CALC (50% - 120px)

and it appears like this on the screen

I need it to appear like this

on this screen that worked, I didn’t use a container and put it in the “left” attribute of the attribute, as shown in the image below, and it worked



There is no simple answer to this. The ‘position’ property may also affect this - of the enclosing control.

The Chrome Debugger has a useful tool for figuring out what is going on. If you highlight the control and choose Inspect Element, you’ll see something like this. The right hand column shows all the style rules which apply to it.

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And note on the right column, where Style is highlighted. Choosing computed styles may also shed some light. Sometimes it’s not obvious what over rode what in CSS. !Important ::after ::before etc. It will tell you where the style came from.