How to print to a blue tooth portable printer

How does one print to a blue tooth portable printer?

I wish to make labels in my app then let the user print out the label to a portable printer.

Search ‘printer’ on this forum. There are some existing discussions on this.


In some web apps I am developing, printing to a Brother WiFi direct printer when offline works for what I have tested. I format a page and it is displayed in a form and then window.print (PC or Android phone, maybe iOS but not tested) is called. The tricky part recently has been to keep this page visible to the Standard Print Dialogue (SPD). If the printer is not set as the default and you select a different printer from the SPD then the app returns when you select a different printer and usually it will display a different form. I may have a workaround for that but haven’t tested it yet. So to insure that this does not happen set your default printer in the Android phones Settings for Printers. I have found that using PrintShare (you can download this app from the App Store) set as the default printer works when set as the default printer.

I have also tried printing to an Epson TM-P80 portable spool type Bluetooth printer. In this case I used PrintHand (also can be found in the app store). They have a driver for this printer but unfortunately it inserts page breaks every few inches leaving gaps in the receipt being printed. I have contacted PrintHand and they are working on updating this driver to continuous print. So you might look at this app (PrintHand) to see if they have a driver for your Bluetooth printer. I think as long as it is a standard 8 1/2x11 page it will work ok.


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