How to put web site replies of the HTMLview into a variable

I use the YouTube button in the HTMLview example to send a web site and I see some replied words in the HTMLview form.
How can I save the replied words it a text file or put it in a variable? Thank you for your help?

That’s not allowed by the browser. It could create security and rights issues if websites could freely copy data from other sites.


I use the Ajax Example in NSB, and replace

req=Ajax("ajax.php/?myText=" + txtSend.value, done) 


req=Ajax("", done)

I also upload the ajax.php in the example to the free website
I then made and installed its apk in my cell phone.
When I press its “Reverse String” button,
I expect the website reply “CBA” as a reverse of “ABC”. But I see the following reply.

“This site requires Javascript to work, please enable Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support"

Does it mean that my cell phone has no javascript function? Or it means the web site I access has no javascript?

When I try this on the Apache website on my PC. It replied “CAB” as expected. I proved my cell phone has javascript.

The free website has PHP and mysql only. Is it the reason to cause the problem?

I tried this on my iPhone and it worked fine - sounds like a problem with the settings on your device.

When I see a reply (for example “CBA”) in a HTMLview1, which command can let a variable equals to this “CBA” displayed in the HTMLview1 object? I tried all properties of the HTMLview1, none of them work.

Are you running your app from the same server that is running the PHP script?


Remember my answer about about CORS? If you run the app locally, it won’t have the same origin as the PHP script, so you will be blocked from using that data in your app.

No, I run app on the browser of my home PC. To access a free website (, which I uploaded the ajax.php to the free website. The ajax.php is preset to reply the word “HERE” only.

I use the YouTube button in the Example of HTMLview. Set its website to http://
/ajax. php

I can see the word HERE in the HTMLview1 object. I need to put the replied HERE into a variable to use it in my program. It is a kind of interactive with my ajax.php in the free website.

My problem is that I cannot find a way to put the HERE in the HTMLview1 into a variable.

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As I said, it won’t work unless you load your app from

This is due to CORS rules.