How to run offline app on android 8.1 with Nsbasic 8.3

I have android 8.1

the app compiled in nsbasic 4.0 works normally offline,

the same app compiled in nsbasic 8.3 is not opening.

is there any configuration to be done?

Not opening? Where? in AppStudio? In Chrome?

no android 8.1 com Chome e o app compilado com nsbasic 8.3

quando está offline, meu aplicativo abre, mas os dados não aparecem e fica travado.

Quando este online abre e os dados aparecem normalmente.

O mesmo aplicativo compilado no nsbasic 4.0, normalmente abre online e offline.

on android 8.1 with Chome and the app compiled with nsbasic 8.3

when offline, my application opens, but the data does not appear and is stuck.

When this online opens and the data appears normally.

The same application compiled in nsbasic 4.0, usually opens online and offline.

There are have been many changes to Chrome and AppStudio since AppStudio 4.

Are there any messages in the Chrome Console?

when I run on chrome on my pc the message below appears on the chrome console:

DevTools failed to load SourceMap: Could not load content for HTTP error: status code 404, net::ERR_HTTP_RESPONSE_CODE_FAILURE

That message can be ignored. It’s listed in the wiki in Common Problems.

do i need to know if an app created with nsbasic 8.3 runs normally on chrome on android 8.1 offline?

our representatives work in areas that have no internet signal.

I have the following problem:

on android 8.1 with chrome.

With an internet signal I can open the app and it works normal,
if i turn off the internet signal it will continue to work normally when the app is open.
Now if I close the app and try to open it again offline it opens the first screen of the app and gets stuck and doesn’t work.

can you help me?

Are you running as a web app PWA or as an apk file installed app?

I am executed as follows:
opening the chrome browser and typing the address:
in this folder test on the server contains the app

Try a new “Deploy to FTP/SFTP Server”. This will install all of the offline files needed. Do NOT do a “Refresh Deploy” since this removes the cache files needed to run the app properly offline. Now restart the app on a device that is online. Then try again, running it in offline mode.


Sorted out

This way the offline works correctly.

Thanks to everyone who helped me.