How to send the Referer when a user clicks an external link cordova?

Inside my app I load an RSS feed from my website, i’d like to add the Referer to each link so I can see in google analytics property “Top Referrals > source: My App Name”

Any ideas how to do this?
I have also tried using google utm codes,“+myAppName+” but to no avail.

utm codes are working, it just took a while for google to pick them up.
I also added content=“Referrer-Policy:origin” in contentSecurityPolicy, although I’m not sure if that makes any difference or not.

Thanks for updating us on this, I may be headed down this path shortly so it’s good to know there’s a solution.

One thing to note, google state you need to use at least:

for it to work. If you only use one or two of the above parameters it wont work, you have to use the above 3 options as a minimum.

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