How to show https pages


I am trying to show https:// sites using htmlview. Is this not supported? If not, what are my options? My pages are not displaying.

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Check the Chrome Debugger. Any error messages?


Here is the error message. Advice…


I am trying to allow my app to show specific resource pages from a few different websites. The final app will be phonegap, so running this from a server is not in the cards. How can I load various https:// pages from an app. It seems the ajax php cannot be called from an app since the docs say I have to run my app from the same server as the php file. Ideas?

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You’re running into Same-Origin Policy:

It’s one of the key principles of the web. It prevents web apps from scraping pages from other sites and misusing them.

There is more information in Section 11 of this Tech Note:

If you’re running as a PhoneGap app, the rules change a bit. It has a WhiteList attribute which defines which sites you can read:

Yes, this is more complicated that you probably thought it was going to be!