How/Where to load .php server code

I’m trying to work on the Ajax communication because you guys say that FTP is old (even though it is a piece of cake to use) and I can’t for the life of me figure out where to put the simple .php server side program.

The tutorial says “Note that we have to test using a deployed version of the app. For security reasons, only PHP scripts which are on the same server as your app can be called. (The AppStudio Server does not support PHP, so you will need to test this on your own server.)”

But never talks about where/how to load on a local server. I’m just trying to run local on my W10 IIS but do I just google (actually dogpile) W10 IIS server file location?

How do I find where to put the client and server software so I can test locally?


php typically only runs in the context of a server response. A server, for context sake, is a web server such as Apache. So, for example, would point to and, in theory, you would have configured the ajax “sub domain” to be a directory on For instance, could be where https://ajax points to. (BTW, make sure you put an index.html in ALL those directories otherwise your .php files will be exposed.)