HTML <div> in App studio

I have a html code which contain these

<button id=“scanButton” …> … , i can create a BS4 button as id=scanbutton

But for below
“<“div id=“feedback””>”"<"/div">" => ignore " as nothing is shown if " omitted
what should i do in appstudio?


Can you explain more clearly?

I want to convert a html into nsb form. Some of the html statement which i dont know how to do in NSB

for example, in html

<button id=“scanButton” …> Start </button.> i create a BS4 button and named as “scanButton”
<select id=“cameraSelection”…></select.> i create a BS4 select and named as “cameraselection”

some statements like
<div. id=“feedback"…></div.>
which i dont know how to specify in NSB

I have to attach the original html image for reference,


Use a Container. It’s a wrapper based on the DIV element.

A couple of useful properties it has:

HTMLTag - defaults to div. You can change it to make it anything else.
content - put the HTML you want in the div here.

Finally, i am managed to do it. It is worked now.

The problem is i set then following in extraheaders
<.script src=“xxx.js”><./script>