Html question regarding use of "htmlView"

The purpose of the following code is to provide a link to another form from inside an html tag called Details.

The code works when the user clicks on “Template”… i.e., the program jumps to a form called “Template”.

HOWEVER, when the code is inserted after a <p> within a <Details> tag, what shows up during execution is NOT …Template…(which is correctly highlighted as a link) but rather …htmlView.innerHTML=Template… “Template” is still a link, but I don’t want the …“htmlView.innerHTML”… to display. How do I get to show just the link, in this case, just “Template”?

Here’s the code:

htmlView.innerHTML=<a href=JavaScript:FuJump1();>Template</a>

Thanks… Tom C.

I edited your message to fix the formatting.

  • I used left ticks around code.

  • You started your paragraphs with 4 spaces. This is an alternative way of formatting code: any line which starts with 4 spaces is assumed to be code. The result was your paragraphs were displayed as code, not text.

Thanks for the clean up and the alternative for inserting code.

BTW, I’ve come to the conclusion that trying to insert a hyperlink within a Details tag just won’t work.

However, going back to the Collapsible control in jQuery Mobile, I found a way to get what I need for the app… I’ll do a writeup on this forum to explain what I did.