HTMLview is not covering full screen


I am using HTMLview to show a webpage with our app. The problem is that HTMLview is not covering full screen. I have also tried to mention height 100%, but HTMLview is not responding.

Please guide, how can HTMLview cover full screen.

Thanking you

Code is :

 "<iframe height='100%' src=''></iframe>"

Are you using any jQuery Mobile controls? jQM can mess this up - but there is a workaround.

No, I am not using any jQuery Mobile Controls. I have simply open a new project and place HTMLView. In innerHTML property, I have written

<iframe height='100%' src=''></iframe>

Here’s how I set it up in a recent project.

I used a Container, not an HTMLview.
attributes set to width=“100%”
style set to -webkit-overflow-scrolling:touch;

I set the value of the Container at runtime as follows:

style = 'height:calc(100% - 20px); width:100%;';
Container1.innerHTML = `<iframe style='${style}' srcdoc = '${htmlAGB}' ></iframe>`;

I have also found a solution.

Form1.onshow = function() {
 var frameheight;
 var framewidth;


  HTMLview1.innerHTML="<iframe height="+frameheight +" width=" + framewidth + " src=''></iframe>";

Great - be sure to test on the devices you will be using, especially if scrolling is involved.

Anybody care to speak to - current best practices for doing this?

Some elements of iframe were deprecated in HTML5. What is considered a best practice for displaying another page inside of an app.

Can you post this as a new topic?