Htmlviewer problem

Hi everybody

Im very new to AppStudio so for start i have a problem with the htmlviewer that for sure has been solved.

Why the on the onshow event of the form HTMLview1.innerHTML="<iframe src='' width='100%' height='1024'></iframe>" does not show the page instead HTMLview1.innerHTML="<iframe src='' width='100%' height='1024'></iframe>" yes show the page?

Many thanks for the help

it seems that your page is not int the RealState subdirectory, but in the root dir. In case you want to use that directory you should move in your server the index.html page to that subdirectory.

Hi Gonzo

Seems you right. I forgot to mention that my index file actually is a index.cgi and not a index.html. So how i can load a index.cgi file with a htmlviewer ?

Thanks for the help

mmm… never done that…

Does this index.cgi file does only background process, or it displays a GUI as part of their process? I am asking this, because if it doees only background process (such as access to the database, calculations, etc) and drops text and numbers as a result, HTMLViewer is not the tool that you should need to use… you should use the AJAX functionality included in NSBasic (this is the one that I use to call all my webservices).

If your CGI file generates some GUI, perhaps the best idea is to build a HTML file that calls that .cgi program and then call from the HTMLViewer the html page.

Hi mexlum

Actually is a web application made with xojo. You can check it at

As im not ajax expert do you have any snippet that i can study?

Thanks for the help

Hi, I made some test, but I couldn’t make this work (I’m not an expert on CGI), but I think that it is not possible to do this. Check this page

On the innerHTML description mentions it is not possible to use

I checked your prototype, and basically all can be done on NSBasic as front end and perhaps php or javascript as backend. Had you already explored the option of start again with NSBasic?

Also, another question… why you want to have a part done in XOJO and other in NSBasic? what is offering NSBasic that XOJO could not give you?

Checkout this page (which is similar to what you are looking for in terms of functionality)

There select Menu -->Alojamiento. There select a hotel in “Informacion del hotel” and press “buscar” you will see something similar to what you are looking for and all this was done on nsbasic.