HTMview with iframe and Volt


I am using an HTMLview control with the innerHTML property containing an iframe.

The folder “wood” is in the root with other folders (i.e. images, icons, etc.), and contains the “woods.html” file. The iframe contents loads and works fine when I deploy to the Desktop Browser, or delploy to a local folder, even Windows EXE works fine. However, when deploying to Volt, the iframe is empty. No error, it’s just a blank screen on Android and iPhone.

Is there something I can look for to get to it working on the Volt Deploy? It’s a relative path but perhaps that is the problem on Volt?


Are you including the ‘wood’ folder in manifest in Project Properties?


Yes, it is included in the manifest. Entered on a line by itself like so:


Would it matter if I removed “wood” from the manifest and dropped the folder on the Project Explorer?


It’s worth a try - let’s see what happens.

Are there an error messages in the Chrome Debugger Console?


No errors. Dragging the folder onto Project Explorer made no difference. When tested on an iPad via Phonegap Build, the iframe contents shows but does not scroll like it does when deployed to Desktop Browser.


Thanks George. Got it working in Volt by replacing the <iframe…> code block with the actual html from the file I was referencing in the first place. Just plugged the code into the HTMLview innerHTML property.


Thanks for the good news!