HTTP Get - Reading data

Please if someone try this address in a browser: (LINK #1)
the result is:
|1|Skating Club Edenlandia|395|Via Marco Polo 3, 80124, Napoli(NA)|3930810714|Claudio Scala||
00 - OK

now, I need to make it automatically by code.
How can I do?

First idea is use the example AjaxGetWebFile.
ok, I’ve deplyed into my server, is at this address:
AjaxGetWebFile (LINK #2)

Inserting the string LINK #1 the result is 01-Parametri Mancanti (missing parameters).
This result is obtained when one of the two parameters is missing
In fact when the “&” character is encountered the string is interrupted (after cmd=7)

I did another test: the example Ajax
Trying the deployed project at the address
…[same main address of LINK#2]…/nsb/Ajax/index.html

If I insert the string LINK #1, pressing “Reverse String” I have the result string:
Data received from Device (reversed): 7=dmc?php.xedni/goletaks/gro.snosten.ulgi//:ptth
The result confirms that after cmd=7 the string breaks.

Any idea?
Thank you

It’s due to URL encoding. The & character has a special meaning. To send it through without problem, use %26 instead:

Thank you George!