I have two questions

I have two questions:

  1. I can no longer manage my projects at Volt, why?
  2. In the “Start” menu, not all menu items are translated into German!
  1. What happens when you try to manage your project at Volt?

  2. Can you add a screen shot?

I get a blank screen (see picture)


Are you signed into Volt?

Ja, wenn ich jetzt auf Home klicke sehe ich die Apps, ich kann den Namen ändern, aber nicht speichern!


Can you F12 to see the Console? Are there any messages there?

Ja, siehe angefügt!


The “failed to load resource” messages look interesting. Could you click on one of the links on the right hand side of the output to see if there is more information?

Ich weiss nicht genau wo Du meinst!

Hilft es Dir wenn ich das Projekt an Dich sende?


Bitte heir klicken:

Dort erscheint diese Fehlermeldung:               **{"type":"AuthenticationError","message":"Unauthorized"}**


I’ll contact you offline - I would like to test this here.