I haver a problem while compile

Can someone help me?
When I complile using the option phonegap I get en error in the dialog window.
the error is:
source path does not exist: icons\android\hdpi.png

Obviously I habe the icons fowler.

You need to make sure all the required icons are there. The error message indicates one which is missing.

See the config section in this Tech Note for the complete list:

Yes, I’ve seen that. I checked the config.xml and checked that the icons and splash folders are in my proyect folder.

I tried removing the error line from the config and it fails by the next one.
I deleted all references to icons and gives error in splash.
In Preferences it is set as: Deploy to a local folder.

And obviously the folder chosen is that of the project.

In my opinion, it seems that this data is looking elsewhere. To not do more tests than I did, by trial and error, is that I ask. I mean, I’d like to stop trying blindly and have someone tell me where you’re looking for those folders, or how to put in preferences, that’s how I compile and that’s it.
I run it in the browser and it works perfectly.

It will run fine in the browser since it isn’t using any of the PhoneGap stuff - it is PhoneGap which detects the missing files.

Try one of the PhoneGap samples - it should work. You can copy how it has its folders organized.

The good news is that the next version of AppStudio (coming soon…) gets rid of all this complication.

Thank you. It worked perfectly !!!

However, I look forward to the version that solves this formal complexity, that is, not inherent in the particular development of the application.

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