I need to use the barcode tool

  • I need to use the barcode tool … How can be programmed when pressed is open the camera and read the barcode ?i am use basic language.

Did you look at the samples?

Do “Open Samples”, then type barcode in the search bar.

Yes, I tried the barcode template in samples but it seems to be connected to the barcode reader, I want when I click on the barcode tool it opens the camera and read the barcode and accordingly shows the required information

The Barcode sample shows how to do this. There isn’t any magic way of doing this automatically.

I know that, but the barcode model does not read by the camera must be linked to a barcode reader and the function of the model it shows the number of the barcode read … While I want to read from the mobile without the need for any device when you click the barcode tool opens the camera and scan the barcode and I have already written the code If the result of reading the barcode is a text for example (A) will appear in the tool labe information that I have already written in the conditional sentence … I hope that you understood on my idea very much like the program qr qode, but barcode images designed by me and I program the application

Are you trying to read or create barcodes?

I want to read a barcode using my mobile without an external device
I will design barcodes containing text and when the application reads the text appears in a message or text box.Please guide me the way because I am a student and prepare a project

The Barcode sample shows how to do this.

If you want do it without a webservice, you will need to use a library. We don’t have a sample showing how to do this, but here’s an example of a library: