I18n Causing Not Defined Errors

If I check the i18n checkbox in Libraries and run the app in the browser I get a lot on undefined errors.

The errors are all for buttons I have inside the header element. i.e.

Uncaught ReferenceError: backBtn is not defined at (index):468

468 = NSB.bs.addProperties(backBtn, ‘Button_bs4’);

I have tried out the i18n sample app and I can replicate the same issue.

Add “Button2” to the form, then right click the header element and select “Add Child” and choose Button2, then run in the browser. = Button2 is not defined.

If you remove the button (“Remove Child”) from the header and run the app again it works.

All my apps I have buttons as child elements of the header, is there a fix for this?

If a control has a translation, its contents are replaced by the translation.

A side effect is that if a control has both textContent and children, the children get replaced by the translation (and therefore don’t appear).

What you’ll need to do is leave the textContent field of the parent empty, then add a Label control as a child with the text.

Thank you, i’ll give that a go.

Failing that I may just remove the buttons as childs from the header and place them over the top of the headerbar.