I18n does not work in NSB Appstudio

I tested Appstudio i18n-sample app and it runs fine on Appstudio
But this sample-app was built on a former version of Appstudio. If you try to program an app with 2 changing languages (in my case English and Deutsch), it does not work in version
After a long time of experimenting and searching the code, I found the problem: Appstudio does not more generate a file named “OfflineApp.appcache” in folder “properties”, which was obviously generated in former versions of Appstudio. This file consists of only one line with value “i18n”. I have copied this file to my new project and i18n runs fine.

i18n is a folder containing the translations. Do you have i18n listed in the extraFiles property in Project Properties?

Screen Shot 2021-03-30 at 9.56.40 AM

PS. The wiki has been updated to say this.

Yes, I had i18n in “Common”-extrafiles and I had made a folder i18n in project-folder with file “de.json” in it with all the translations. But I had to copy file “OfflineApp.appcache” manually, because it was not generated by Appstudio.

OfflineApp.appcache was used by the old style app caching, before PWAs were introduced. I’m surprised it makes any difference.

When you deploy the project without that file in Properties, do you get an i18n folder in the output?

When I deployed the project without OfflineApp.appcache, I don’t get an i18n folder in the output. I am running Appstudio on macos big sur and browser safari.

Same configuration here. Any chance you can zip your project and send it to me?

Here is my test project, named “project1” without file OfflineApp.appcache. It does not run for me.
Best wishes.Project1.appstudio.zip (280.4 KB)

Thanks. Just opened your project.

You need to add i18n to extraFiles in Project Properties.

Sorry, but in the test project “project1” I have defined i18n in extraFiles of Project Properties???

Not in the zip file you sent.

Are we speeking from the same object? Please send the running test-project back to me, so I can test, that it runs for me. -> gkm@vol.at
Thank you in advance,
Gerrit Mueller, Austria

Thank you, it runs. Was my fault.

No worries - thanks for the good news!