Icon property needs to be PNG for PWA

I helped to find out why an app X intended to become a PWA running on Windows 10 desktop Chrome did not show the (PWA) Add Button inside the address line of Chrome. After endless trial and error the culprit was found: Common Project Property “icon” contained a 192x192 jpg instead of suggested png. After having converted the jpg to png and having selected the png as an icon, the Add + Button for installing a PWA appeared. The PWA manifest uses this icon and Chrome apparently did not accept this manifest as a correct one (for adding the + button) up until the icon was a …png file.
The help text for icon property says: … Best format is a 192x192 png. Used for web apps and PWAs. Enter none for no image. Do not put file in /nsb. No spaces or special characters allowed.
I suggest to put it so: Best format is 192x192 and must be png if you want the app to be installed as a PWA (or so…)

Change made as described.

Thank you.