Icons on home screen

I have 4 projects I would like to have displayed on the home screen of my phone simultaneously. They all have the appstudio logo icon. but the text below the icon tells what it is. I used to be able to do this but now each time I add a new project to the phone, the icon replaces the previous one. IOW I can only show one rather than 4. Changing the icon for each project probably would just replace the previous one with something different. Any thoughts?

iOS has a problem with caching images so a new version of ones app may continue to show the older images. This happens when the new images have the same name and file size. Is that what you mean is happening?

Do the 4 apps have different Ids in config.xml and different Apple certificates?

Thank you very much, George. After changing the ids, it worked perfectly. Just what I was looking for.

Thank you, Phil for taking the time to reply. George’s answer took care of the problem. These were all android apps.

After reading George’s answer I went back and reread your question. My take away was this: Do NOT answer questions before coffee! LOL

I’m glad it works!