IDE keyboard equivalents (more, please?)

Sorry if these are old requests (although I couldn’t find any blog entries about them).

Is it possible to add more keyboard equivalents to the IDE menus?

It seems that the amount of keyboard equivalents is pretty sparse compared to other applications I’ve used, especially editors. Not to be too demanding, but I think the suggestions below would be really helpful, i.e. I really wish they had keyboard equivalents.

  • Edit → Format Code
  • Edit → Block Comment
  • Edit → Unblock Comment
  • Control-selected → Delete (should be Delete key)
  • Control-selected → Nudge Left
  • Control-selected → Nudge Right
  • Control-selected → Nudge Up
  • Control-selected → Nudge Down

After some searching, I see the IDE is based on SciTE But my asks are mostly about the interaction between the IDE and Scintilla (and the form editor). Therefore, would it be possible to:

  • Preserve the “fold state” of blocks of code in the code editor when switching between files (and especially after a Format Code event). Folding is a nice feature of Scintilla but it’s completely lost when the IDE reloads the file. I would expect the folding state to be lost if the file is edited outside of the IDE.
  • In the form editor, when a control is selected, allow the shift key to group-select controls, using the order of controls in the project editor to define the “start” and “end” of the selection. (Or visual position–like a selection rectangle defined by two shift clicks as rectangle corners, if easier.)
  • Also with controls selected… allow the ctrl key to deselect controls one-by-one within a group of selected controls, for example, just after the using the shift key to select a group (as above).
  • Finally, add the ability to customize the way the IDE forces unique IDs when controls are copied/duplicated. As it is now, the word “Copy” or an incremented number is used. It would be nice if you could select a pair of search & replace text fragments. For example, when copying controls en masse from FormABC to FormXYZ, you might use a control naming convention that start with “ABC” for controls in FormABC. If you could have “ABC” swapped with “XYZ” when the controls are pasted into FormXYZ, the IDs would still be unique yet also save A TON of editing after bulk duplication to reestablish the naming convention (as there is no Search & Replace in the form editor properties, but that could be another way to solve the problem.)

If there are ways to do these things (that I apparently missed), please enlighten me.

Thanks for listening!

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Good guess! Yes, we do use SciTE for the code window.

I’ve opened an issue with your suggestions. We’ll see what we can do.