Ignore Browser's dark mode setting

Is there a way that I can force chrome not to use its Dark Mode setting so that my PWA’s color scheme is maintained.

Detecting Device Dark Mode setting has the settings detection. I have not tried setting them.

Thanks Gary

Problem is my app uses a dark theme throughout (with a few tweaks).

So when chrome decides it wants to apply its dark theme it makes much of my app unreadable.

What I want to do is to prevent chrome from applying its settings to the app.

Many Thanks

Sounds like an chrome extension is needed, but I don’t see one for that.

Looks like its also a problem on Iphone using Safari.

Could it be a AS version issue? I recently updated to latest

My light dark mode setup no longer works either with recent AS. I used 2 bootstrap bootswatch themes for light and dark modes. It’s not AS, it’s bootstrap now has light dark mode detection. I need to read up on it and change my method.