IM getting this error "cannot find symbol:"

Hi fellows, i have a small app that i made here on NSBasic, the app is simple, just a button that opens a browser to show a page, my code is like this:

Function Button_onclick()"","_blank")
End Function

last year it was working properly and compiled OK in phoneGap, but, now im getting this error when trying to compile, any help?? any ideas?

When does this message appear, exactly?

In the compile windows where it shows the result of the build, sudently, it stops and show that error.

I noticed, if i delete all my code, the error continue. It seems something related to the cordova-plug-inappbrowser, i needed to use that because when i compile to android, the links was not working, so, i added the plug in config.xml and it was working perfectly last year. But im trying to update my app and now im getting this error. If i remove the reference from the config.xml, it throw not error but then, the links dont work when compiling it for android…

help plz…

This isn’t an AppStudio issue.

Does this maybe help?

well, i dont really need that plug in as long as there is some way to open any url in a browser once the app is compliled as .apk and installed in an Android device, so, if there is some way i will embrace it happily

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