Images at runtime

Hi there, I’m having an issue and I hope you can help me.

In my project, I have an Image Folder that it is inside the folder of my project. In previous versions of NSB (version 5) I remember that I needed to drag the folder to the app to include it in my project.

With the latest version it does not appear in my project explorer window, however when I drag it, an Already Exist message is displayed.

Anyways, I had no problem associating an image object to a file in that folder at design time. The problem comes when I tried to associate the object to the file on runtime. Simply it does not associate it and appear as an image not loaded.

Now… if I set at design time the image, executes once the app in my browser (which works fine), then clean the association path (in the src property) and run it again (only with the allocation at runtime( it works… however if I pass to an apk file I have the same problem.

Is it something I am missing? Is it possible to allocated the src property at runtime without have to do it at design time?

Perhaps you may ask why am trying to do this… basically because I need to do a multi language app, so basically the image path changes depending the language.

Solved the issue. I used to put my images folder inside my project and for some reason caused conflict (The Already Exist message).

I put it outside my project, and I could it drag it to nsb and it is working fine.