In "Distributing your app" there is no mention of Volt


In the page “Distributing your app” there is no mention of Volt.
Is it still available?
If so, wouldn’t it be a candidate?

A server of your own
This is the most powerful and permanent solution. It involves getting a website of your own with the appropriate settings. Select “Deploy to local server” or “Deploy to FTP Server” in Deploy options and fill in the Server, Path, Username and password.
There are a variety of own servers that you can use, for example Microsoft WebMatrix (IIS), Apache, Nginx, GWS to mention a few.


Good point - we’ll update that right away.

Thank you!


Thanks, I hope I didn’t sound critical.
I was just wondering if I missed something or misunderstood.
I assume Volt is the ideal choice among those given.


On the contrary - we really appreciate when you spot these things!

The document has bee updated already.


OK, so if Volt does not support php, Is there some other server code that is the equivalent PHP functionality on Volt?

Where can we get more details on what VOLT can do and not do?

We can work with whatever it has as long as we know what it does and doesn’t do

For example, if we want to capture emails with code on the server, what is the approach we would use?



Volt is intended to be kinder and easier to use than a normal server, which is why PHP doesn’t make a lot of sense. We provide API functions which can be called directly from AppStudio which let you do many of the things you would normally do from PHP.

There’s documentation on the API functions here:

You’ll see articles (more coming) on techniques for using the API on our blog.

Are you OK with getting emails from a Gmail account? Google has an API for that. Your app can get at the messages without needing a server.

Other email services may have APIs as well.

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