Input box for 2 digit number

I need a simple input box (with no label) for user to input a number between 1 and 20. Trying to use the Bootstrap 4 input box and having some problems:

can’t get it small enough - the best I can do is a rectangle that is too tall.
when I run it, it doesn’t show the input I type into it.
Attached are screenshots showing the properties.


Header cols and value cols are represented by the control width/12. Value cols should be 12 if you want no label and the input to take up the full width of the control. I would think value cols set to 0 would throw things out a bit. Eg if you want the label to take half the width and input the other half you’d have header cols set to 6 and value cols set to 6.

<Input type=“number” max=“99” ...>

Look at the max and maxlength properties.

Max is the maximum value. Make that 99 to limit to two digits.

You could also use maxlength. Set that to 2 for two digits.