Input (bs4) with passwordTogge

How to activate the button bellow to view the password?
I need to turn on or off this button via any command, not to
hide or view the button but to show or not show the password :
I do not know what the “InputPassword.toggle(options)” command works.
Can someone help me to solve this ?

Maybe something like this:

EyeBallButton.onclick = function() {
  if (InputPassword.InputType == 'text') {
        InputPassword.InputType = 'password'
        } else {
        InputPassword.InputType = 'text'

Hope this is what you are referring to.

There is a passwordToggle property which makes this appear. I’m not sure what your question is, however.

Hi Gary, Thanks for your quick response and help.

I was using (Boot Strap 4) Input command and could not
make it work because not accept your commands below :

InputPassword.InputType = ‘text’ or InputPassword.InputType = ‘password’

I will give up the Boot Strap 4 and now I’m using jqxPasswordInput

And now the problem is that I create the Native version in VoltBuilder the button
“EyeBallButton” get invisible! no more on the screen… Using the App in the browser appears

I believe it is a bug in the VoltBuilder compilation

See the image in the browser : onbrowse

and now on the Native VoltBuilder app : onnative

I changed the command and now I changed trouble!

All help will be appreciated

I haven’t used the jqx controls. Perhaps if you included some excerpt of your code and the exact naming of your controls, etc., someone could help out.

Hi Gary,
You do not have to waste time looking for an error in my source.
To see the bug just create a new project, with only one form and only one field:

PasswordInput (jqw) which
maxLength = 11
showStrength = False

When you run in the browser on the desktop see this:

and when you generate the apk via VoltBuilder the image of the “EyeBallButton” button gets invisible:
If you click the right corner the password appears …
Only the image of the “EyeBallButton” button disappeared !
I think it’s a bug …