Install latest AppStudio on same Windows 10 as Original AppStudio

I am currently using AppStudio version on Windows 10. I would like to install the latest AppStudio version on the same PC. I don’t want them to share any files, I just want to be able to reference each of them as I setup the new version. It also helps as a fallback should anything go wrong. If this is possible, can you provide or point me to instructions on how to do this properly?

I already asked about doing this and answer was “no can do.” The new version has to replace the old version. Rodney

Thank you


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I can confirm this - there is no official way to do this. The app keeps information in the Windows registry, and there is only one copy stored there.

That makes sense. No Problem. Thanks.

Why not install a virtual machine on that PC, and then run one of the versions (old or new) on that?

That would work.

Thanks for the suggestion. That’s what I have done, but with another Windows box. So I now have the original running on one Windows platform and the new one running the same version of AppStudio Now I’m safe in case anything goes wrong. What I don’t know is when I upgrade to AppStudio 7.4, will the upgrade process modify all of the files and folders automatically from the version? Do I need to do any preparation work on the version before doing the upgrade? Do I need to make any changes to the 7.4 version after the upgrade? I would like to have a good understanding before doing the upgrade.

You should be safe to load the Version 6 project into Version 7, then do a Save As.

There are only a couple of breaking changes noted in the release notes: