Install PWA - Chrome - Windows 10

Just in case someone has a configuration like me: I could not see the top left menu button mentioned in the description how to install to windows desktop. The attached screen shot shows how it appears here.

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Thanks - this has been added to the Tech Note.

Just a minor remark - as I stumbled upon a similar problem:

sometimes, you will not recognize the mentioned grey disc with a vertical ellipsis but a reddish disc with an exclamation mark: in that case, Chrome wants to inform you about a pending update - but if you click on the disk, the usual drop down will appear.

My pleasure. Thank you.

Setting the PWA to home screen with Chrome creates a black Windows 10 (update 1903) tile, without my logo. Tried a lot of changes with no success. Doing the same with Edge I get a green tile with logo as it is intended (I included only a 310x310 px 100% scale icon to manifest, which was scaled for 4K screen size. This might explain lack of sharpness). Any ideas why this works only with Edge?

Update: I tried it with Chrome on different other computers. Everywhere the Windows 10 tile was OK. Uninstalling Chrome (on the PC where it had not worked), fresh download of Chrome and new installing Chrome (twice) did the trick. Issue is solved and obsolete.

Just tried the same with my Surface Notebook, Windows 10 (update 1903) and Chrome. I got a nice tile with my green image / logo centered. So Chrome does it as well as Edge, but not yet with the desktop PC, even after having cleared the Chrome cache. Could it be the screen size (notebook not 4K/UHD)?

@Rozek: Interesting. I got not yet aware of such a reddish disk.