Installed vs Not Installed Web App

I’ve been working on the “installed” version of my app. By Installed, I mean on windows 10, for example, add to desktop feature of chrome.

When running in chrome browser, I use URL)

and a related tab opens in chrome with, in my case, the photo from a gallery selection.

However, when the user installs my app on windows 10 specifically (eg, not android) and the user selects a photo, it opens the chrome browser as another window to view it. It’s not associated to the standalone app chrome instance.

As a web app not installed on all devices, the photo opens a new chrome tab in the same chrome instance which the back button can close, and chrome takes you back to the app page.

I think what I was looking for, was for a way, when I detect standalone, to display the photo in the chrome app. But I don’t know how to open a window “in the app”, or somehow associated with it, so when that photo window is closed (or the back button pressed), that I return to the app.

Just guessing - can you open it in an iframe element?

When I created this post yesterday, I had forgotten the reason I had implemented this in this way. I was wondering why I just didn’t do an img tag. Then I remembered I wanted the user to be able to zoom in on the image, and the pinchzoom JS option was not working on large images and the developer doesn’t care anymore, so this was the quick fix till I came up with an integrated solution. Seems like it’s time now.

I’ll mess around some with adding another AppStudio form and iFrames, etc. again. I have a much better understanding these days. :slight_smile: Hopefully I’ll figure it out quick. Let you all know.