Installing both version 6 and 7

As far as I can tell, we can not install both versions on our computer. It seems version 7 always overwrites version 6. I think it would be nice if we could install both versions and let version 6 continue to maintain version 6 programs and use version 7 for new programs. That way we don’t have the headaches of upgrading our version 6 programs.

Maybe I’ve missed the boat, but its seems that version 7 doesn’t particularly like version 6 programs.

Rodney Wirtz

This comes up every time there is a new release. AppStudio wasn’t designed to allow more than one version to be installed at a time, so this isn’t possible.

Once an app is save in AppStudio 7 format, it cannot be opened anymore in AppStudio 6. The changes are discussed here, so keep a back up when you upgrade.

AppStudio 7 should have no trouble opening AppStudio 6 projects, using “Open Older Project” in the File menu. The first thing you should do is save your project to a new folder, so you have a clean and tidy AppStudio 7 version.

Upgrading shouldn’t be a headache - but if it is, we want to hear about it. We want to fix any issues which come up.


Thanks for the reply. I read ‘are discussed here’ and did move a couple of projects to my new version 7 projects folder. So, the moved work without issue. I assume the jqwidgets fold is still placed in the tree at the same position and reference the same way in the project.
Again thanks for your help. I appreciate your support.

Rodney Wirtz