Instr - What is wrong with this code?

Hi folks!

I´m in trouble with this piece of code:

Dim a
Dim R
a=HTMLview1.innerHTML 'it is 12345678
R=InStr ("12345", a) 
MsgBox R

The message I got is 0 (zero) but I expected to be 1 (one)
What is wrong?


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I think you have the args to InStr reversed.

Thanks for your support

a=HTMLview1.innerHTML  'it is 12345678
R=InStr (a,"12345") 
MsgBox R

With this modification, gives the same result (zero)

try alert(a) to see what is being returned.

Just tried it here - I got 1.

  a = "123456798"
  MsgBox InStr(a, "12345")
alert ("first " & a) 
gives first 12345678

alert ("second " & HTMLview1.innerHTML)
gives  second <iframe src="https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx"></iframe>

alert ("third " & a)
gives third <iframe src="https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx"></iframe>

R=InStr (a,"12345")
alert (R)
gives 0

by the way, https://www.xxxxxxxxxxxxx is not the real content

The problem is with innerHTML, I can see it, and it is 12345678

What does console.log(a) give you?

innerHTML is the contents of a container. In this case, HTMLview1 is the container and it has an iframe control in it.

I’m guessing you’re trying to get the contents of that iframe control. That probably won’t be allowed. You can’t access the contents of an external iframe for security reasons - it would allow scraping of websites along with other issues.

Let´s say an HTMLview is loaded with a wikipedia page content.
I´m able to see what is in that container (picture below).
Could I check for a some part of that content ?

That checking is not allowed for security reason, am I correct?

Here’s an interesting article discussing a possible method for this: