Integrating Google Sign-In into Nsb App

Hello Everyone!

I found the documentation( that teaches how to integrate Goole Sign-In into a Web App. I wonder if we could integrate this same mechanism in an Nsb App instead of ask to the user to create an account.

Thanks in advance for your support!!

Have you looked at oauth2?

what’s oauth2? can you give any additional info?

I see that it’s mentioned in the link quoted - but that’s not much more informative. You seem to have something specific in mind, that’s why I’m asking.

Here’s the wiki link:

There’s a plugin for that…

Basically, oauth2 is a formalized process of doing what you found on Google BUT you can do it with multiple sites and the hard code has been written.

You don’t wanna lock yourself into one site (i.e. google) as users may not have an account on that site. Case in point, I recently downloaded an app that required a FB account and I dumped FB years ago. With no other way of creating an account I had no choice but to delete the app.

By using oauth2, you can more easily navigate a myriad of services: google, Facebook, Twitter etc. AND the code would be easier to implement.

thanks - that’s very helpful.