Invalid Image Path error

Hello, I haven’t updated my app in iTunes in a while. I just made a small update and now, I can still compile and build in PhoneGap Build, but when I upload my ipa file to Apple, I’m getting an error:
ERROR ITMS-90032: "Invalid Image Path - No image found at the path referenced under key ‘CFBundleIcons’: "Applcon40x40’’

I have two versions of my app icon that are 40x40 and the 80x80 and 120x120 versions at 40@2x and 40@3x.

Has anyone else run across this issue? The solutions I’ve found online involve going into xcode and editing .plist file which I don’t really know how since I’m using NSB and phonegap.

Aaargh! 3 days later I found the problem. Do not be like me, boys and girls, make sure to read carefully the fine instructions found at

Especially the easy to miss line “Add the folder name, icons, to manifest in Project Properties.”

I added the 40x40 icon to the folder and referenced it in the config.xml but forgot to add it to the manifest file.


Good find - thanks for following up with the answer!