iOS and Phonegap

I need to create an iOS app with PhoneGap. I don’t really want to sign up with Apple developer and i won’t be putting my app on the App Store.
With our customers, we supply the app to them when they purchase our product. Currently we supply the apk file for Android devices, and we’d like to do something similar for Apple users.
Is there a simple way to get this file like there is for Android?


You cannot make an app for iOS devices that does not have valid signing from Apple. For that, you need to sign up as a Apple Developer.

Apple is pretty careful what software can run on its devices.

If i sign up as an Apple Developer, do i need to put my app on the App Store?
I would like to email a link to my customers with the ipa file to download the app.
I currently send the apk file to my Android users via a download link.

Also, is a Mac required to configure the certificate and provisioning profile?
I don’t have one of these either.


Apple also offers Enterprise distribution. It allows you to distribute your app internally to employees by clicking on a URL on a site which is secure. No Apple Store listing is required.

The cost $299/year. Here are the details:

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