iOS Grid problem

I’ve had problems with my clients who are running my app on iOS since the iOS upgrade. Finally managed to work it out today that the issue was in my grid_onclick functions. I had “If event.isTrusted = False Then”. I had this in the routine to catch the “double click” which seemed to happen with my grids. Posting here to a/ inform others but b/ Is the “double tap” thing an issue anymore? I can’t seem to replicate it now. And/or is there a work around for event.isTrusted?


On Android devices the double event only occurred when using onclick(), so I simply changed to onmouseup(). (eg Function Grid1_onmouseup() )
Then the error never appears. So no need for “If event.isTrusted …etc”. But I don’t know about iOS devices, and I am a novice so not to be trusted! …

cheers from another “Graham”

Another possibility is to change the value of Fastclick in Project Properties.